Power Management


Part Number Status Data Sheet Topology Vin (V) VOUT (V) IOUT(mA) Efficiency Pkg-Pin (mm) Key Features
BSC86K34063G Prod Buck - Step Down 3 ~ 40 3 ~ 40 V 1500 ESOP-8 (5x6), DIP-8 (8x10) 1.5A Buck DC to DC converter with constant-voltage output, upto 100kHz operating frequency
BSC83K7102x Sample Buck - Step Down 3 ~ 80 5V, 12V, Adjustable 200 ESOP-8 (5x6) 200mA Buck DC to DC converter with 5V, 12V or Adjustable Voltage Output. Vin upto 80V. Switching frequency - 150kHz

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